Persuasive marketing helpED a client Win A 7-figure contract

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"When we won a seven-figure contract our client told us that our new website was one of the keys to us winning the work. This is not the first time Ken Robinson at Persuasive marketing has helped us win work.

Plus, Ken developed a boardroom presentation that helped us win another project. I always recommend that colleagues use Ken." 

Peter Deall, Merlot Constructions Managing Director 

"Within one week our new sales page doubled our Sales for my online course", Roger Osborne.

How many of these challenges are you currently facing when trying to win new business?

which one of these do you need help with?

  • Slashing the time it takes to make a sale - We can show you a step-by-step system that many of our clients have used to slash their sales cycle. One client slashed their sales cycle from eighteen months to two weeks.
  • Winning over directors and boards - We reveal how you can start getting board members onside by showing them how their company could benefit from your offer. This approach helps you a great deal when senior management are seeking board approval to appoint your company. If you get the board onside first-up you stand a great chance of winning.
  • Entering a new market and finding it hard to get that first order - We reveal a simple approach that motivated senior managers to contact our client about their product. For many of these decision makers the approach we made to them was their first introduction to this type of product.
  • Convincing vendors to list - Our program has worked so well that we have been able to use a similar approach with residential real estate agents needing to generate listing appraisals to sign new vendors.
On this website we share a series of persuasive marketing techniques that have helped a wide rang of different businesses win lucrative contracts!

Video Interview wins contract in 24 hourS after only 70 views on LiNKEDIN

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How we solved these four challenges for our clients using simple cost-effective persuasive marketing techniques

Below are a number of our clients who have each experienced one or more of the above problems. The comments they make about our service, shows that our team is well placed to help you overcome the challenge of getting your message in front of the real decision makers.

Challenge 1 - Slashing the time It Takes to Make A Sale

Rex Lehmann

Managing Director

Skycool Insulation

Your program saved our sales team one year of selling time by producing six sales worth over $300,000 in little under a month!"

"Normally, to get such a response would have involved multiple presentations to various managers in an organisation, hoping they had the ability to sell our concept to the real decision makers we never get the chance to meet."

"Twelve of your documents have generated 32 X $40,000 contracts without one sales person making a call."

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Challenge 2 - Winning over directors and boards

Peter Deall

Managing Director

The day following the Board meeting the CEO advised his boardroom had been "a flurry about your document." Every director had read your document and every director was discussing it. Your work played a great role in us winning a multi-million dollar contract."

"I must admit to having had reservations about the effectiveness or otherwise of your approach, particularly as the organisation had been romanced by more than 25 Sydney commercial builders during an exceedingly long lead-up planning period." 

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Challenge 3 - entering new markets

Mike Rich

Managing Director

I am glad to say that your document got through to the people we would like to do business with.

"At this stage we have received 20 new sales leads from one of your documents. These leads are senior people who have the power to say "YES"."

"At the same time we have been able to differentiate ourselves from other software companies targeting the growing Aged Care market." 

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Challenge 4 - Convincing Vendors to List

Brad Walker

Brad Walker

I started my real estate agency in August 2014. I immediately engaged Ken's team having been recommended by Peter Hutton (leading agent in the Brisbane market). From the first document they created I got a few decent leads, but it was my second edition where the business took off. I got somewhere in the order of 40 appraisals and from that I  obtained 10 listings.

In addition to this Ken is constantly giving me ideas that he thinks may help my business. I couldn't recommended Ken highly enough.

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Next Steps to Winning New Business

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