Don't let this happen to your website 

Why do companies build websites that, for the most part, are a copy of their competition? 
Don't let this happen to your website!

In this report, we examine why it's incredibly important to make sure that your website stands out from the crowd. The last thing you need to grow your business is a website that offers no point difference to your competitors

If you're like me, you've probably visited several websites selling the same product, and you can't tell the difference from one website to the other. They all look like they're selling the same product or service. Which leads to customers signing up for the for the firm offering the lowest price.

This is a real shame because most customers would prefer to spend a little extra if that meant they were getting a better service that in the long run, would prove to be a much better investment. Don't let this happen to your website when it is so easy to have a website that makes you stand out from your competition.

If one of these firms knew how to market themselves properly, they could probably sell their services for 10 or 20% more than their competitors.

In most cases, the reason for this is that they want to look "professional". Instead of doing something different that makes them stand out from the crowd, their need to look professional, to look like their peers could be costing them business. 

If you want to have a successful website, that attracts a constant flow of sales leads, then don't let this happen to your website.

To have a successful website, you need a website that is more like a Tesla than a Ford or Holden. All three brands sell cars with four doors, but the Tesla cells were several hundred thousand more.

We have experienced this lookalike phenomenon first hand with one of our clients. Having built our client a new website, my customer's staff told him that he was making a significant mistake as his new website did not look professional.

They pointed out that other leading professionals within the industry all had certain key elements on their website that were missing from his. His staff pointed out that there was no mention of their industry awards and how prestigious their firm was.

Thankfully for my client, we have helped him win several six-figure contracts, so he decided to trust us and instead went with our website approach.

What was the outcome? Did our approach work, or should my client Merlot Construction, have stuck with their staff's suggestion of a "professional" look?

Merlot Construction shares how their website was nearly derailed, which could easily have cost them a new six-figure contract

“When I first approached Ken to build my website, I was confident of success as I had won business by mailing out several of the newsletters he created for us,” said Merlot, CEO, Peter Deall.

“What’s more, Ken helped me win a major club contract by creating for me a Boardroom presentation. When I reviewed his presentation, I asked him to attend the Board meeting and deliver it on my behalf. As he wasn’t available on that date, he took the presentation and made it into a video with Ken doing a voice-over to deliver the message.

“The presentation worked, we won the business! As soon as the Board meeting was over, the Chairman of the Board turned to the other directors and said he saw no reason not to appoint us.”

Some months later, Peter’s team convinced him that it was time for their firm to have a new website. His team wanted to appoint a corporate web company to build the site. 

But Peter decided to appoint Ken. He wasn’t interested in a corporate looking website. He wanted a website that would convince people to do business with Merlot Constructions.

Pictured below is the top part of Merlot's website ( :

“My staff were not happy with Ken’s web-design. They wanted a corporate look similar to that of our competitors. They nearly convinced me to change the design, so I discussed their concerns with Ken, and his comments made me realise why he was good at helping people win business.

“Ken asked me what the purpose of the website was. Was the site designed to make my staff feel good or was the website designed to win us business? I replied that it was designed with only one purpose – to win business.

“He then shared with me that many people, when building a website, focus on what they consider essential. They want to make themselves look good in the eyes of their peers. Their website has to focus on their reputation, their work and their awards. My staff are like most people. They wanted to have a website that looks just like their competitors.

“Whereas, Ken pointed out that our customers could not care less about “us” or “who we are”. All customers wanted to see was evidence on our site that we could deliver. They wanted proof that we are worth their investment.

“Immediately, I knew that Ken was right. He understood what motivated our customers. He knew how to convince them to do business with us.

“My staff were not pleased with my decision to stick with Ken’s approach, but when we won the Kemps Creek project they changed their mind, and they now follow Ken’s suggestion and are posting stories about our success on our FaceBook page.”

I know it is important to listen to your staff, but they are not experts in everything. If I had followed their advice we may have had a different outcome, whatever you do - don't let this happen to your website!

“That’s why I like working with Ken. His focus is on winning us new business, putting our needs first. Several times he has gone out of his way to help me at no extra charge, with no other motivation than to see me be successful, which is why Ken is one of the few people I consistently recommend!”

In the video below, Peter Deall shares his thoughts on his new website.