Learn how six Club CEOs were motivated to place phone orders for $300,000 within two weeks

Selling to the Club, Gaming 
& Hospitality Workshop

Sydney / Brisbane / Melbourne / Perth - Feb 2020

Learn how to sell to the Club, Gaming and Hospitality sector

  • Learn how a small roofing company generated $300,000 in sales with six Club CEOs in 2 weeks
  • We reveal a method that enabled a brand new bingo game to be sold into multiple venues in weeks.
  • Discover a sales approach that enabled an outdoor heating specialist to sell into major clubs
  • Learn the key that helped a club builder win a multi-million $$$ contract against 25 competitors  

How is it possible to get your sales message to the decision-makers in a major club?

Why do some salespeople consistently win new orders in the hospitality sector, while others can't make an appointment?

Review the average salesperson, and most likely, you will find that they have no time to sit back and refine what they are doing. Each week they struggle to make the budget.

Now is the time to take action, empower them with skills that will enable them to exceed their sales targets - before it’s too late, and you have lost more potential business opportunities!

How do you get a Club CEO to respond to your sales pitch?

Your salespeople need a systematic process which they can implement at the start of each month that will help make their selling time more productive - and give you the sales results you need.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. For the most part, your sales team are so focused on trying to make the budget - let alone earn a bonus - that they never stop long enough to consider a better approach to selling.

You’ve probably noticed in your sales team that there are one or two members of staff always claiming the winner's prize, while the rest of the sales team either languish in quiet desperation - or if things get bad enough - are shown the door. If you train the whole team and have them working with the same methodical approach, it doesn’t have to be this way.

There is a proven sales training system that is working for Australian firms like yours that will give every one of your salespeople the ability to be a star performer.

Comments from workshop attendees who sell to the club and hospitality sectors:

SENPOS sell point of sale systems to clubs

"I first thought the session plans for the entire day was going to be a stretch to find relevant content.

"Ken definitely understands the selling process and has shared numerous examples of what is possible when you implement powerful sales techniques and focus on what's important to the customer instead of focusing your entire pitch on what your product or service does.

I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed the day, which certainly provided me with some good "takeaway" points to further discuss back at Sharp Electronic Group with the team."

DAVID POTTER  //  SENPOS, Sales Director

KINGPAY is a pay-roll system sold to clubs

"Ken speakes from on the ground experience having helped many different companies sell to the club and hospitality markets.

"Selling to clubs is highly competitive and today I feel he has given me an edge I have been lacking for some time.

"I leave today's workshop with a clear direction and approach to put into practice to generate leads and hopefully new business.

"He teaches more than theory. Every point was backed up by real life examples of companies he has helped make sales to the club sector. 

"Ken was very professional in his delivery and clearly has a lot of experience in this space. I look forward to working with Ken further in the future."

MATTHEW BETLAND  //  King Street Computers, Managing Director

SHARP ELECTRONICS sell equipment to clubs

"I was unsure if I would learn anything from Ken's workshop, but it was evident early on that Ken was able to point out that we need to put ourselves in the customer position.

"He taught us to sell in a way that the customer can see the benefits to them rather than about our company.

"Ken's approach was entertaining and made it easy to understand and will allow us to implement his approach in our business."

JOEL ANDERSON  //  Sharp Electronics Group, Director of Business Development

You need a sales approach that works selling to a restaurant owner or one of the many bowling clubs scattered across each state

Salespeople commonly default to technical detail or product features when they approach new prospects.

However, selling to the corporate executive, removed from day-to-day operations, requires a whole new language that allows you to translate technical speak into executive speak. You must explain why your professional solution will provide the outcomes hospitality executives want.

What's the answer? We're going to show you a sales approach to winning sales in the Club, Gaming & Hospitality sectors

In a one-day workshop, Ken Robinson will show your salespeople how to improve their sales message so that it motivates senior executives all the way up to the boardroom, to sign with your firm. You have the opportunity to join a small group of professionals who realise their approach to sales, needs to improve.

Ken has developed a sales system that has helped numerous clients market their products and services to the club, gaming and hospitality sector over the past ten years using his unique marketing system. The marketing documents he created for his clients each contained their own unique sales pitch.

From that work, Ken started to see a pattern as to how key industry leaders responded to certain sales messages. He has combined that knowledge and experience to develop a selling system, unlike no other.

You now have the chance to adopt this approach to your selling system. But don't waste a moment. This workshop is hands-on, and due to the depth of training, Ken provides is limited to a small few - Book today!

This workshop, it is limited to a small group, and from all reports it will be completely booked out, so click the button above to register your place today.

Peter Deall, Managing Director of Merlot Constructions, shares his thoughts having completed Ken's sales training workshop in the video below. 

Peter recently sent Ken a thank you letter for the work he completed which helped Peter's company win a number of multi-million dollar projects ( letter below video ).

Ken's approach helped sell a Bingo system into Queensland clubs

32 X $40,000 sales using one strategy Ken will teach you

Ken created a sales pitch to sell outdoor heaters to clubs:

Ken has created publications that have sold products and 
services TO the Club, Gaming & Hospitality sectors

Comments from workshop attendees:

I would certainly recommend a productive day like this...

“Dear Ken... I wondered today how this session today would turn out, as I have been included in quite a few over the years, but I would have to say this is one of the best I have been priviliged to be in.

"I would certainly recommend a productive day like this to others as I am sure it would help all other industries.

"Please feel free to get anybody questioning the quality of your presentation to contact me on
0400 340 146."

DOUG THORNCROFT  //  Rapid Spray, Senior Sales Consultant

Ken's workshop would be good for any sales team...

"Ken's unique style and message have been very useful in getting me to make a 180 degree change in my sales focus. I will be informing our National Membership Team about this workshop.

"Manufacturers are excellent at making products but not alway as good at selling them. Ken Robinson is a very experienced sales trainer who also has a media background. 

"His workshop was fun to attend. He is a very professional speaker and shares his years of selling experience in such a way that I left the workshop with a whole new approach to selling I can't wait to implement."

ADRIAN PRICE  //  Australian Industry Group, Regional Manager - Hunter, Central Coast & Northern NSW

Ken's presentation is definitely unique and extremely worthwhile...

“I have been to many training courses and Ken as a presenter is definitely unique. 

"His broad range of experience and knowledge in sales he has shared today, I feel will be invaluable in the growth of our business. 

"He understands how to take a complicated message and quickly translate it so that the layman can understand what we are trying to sell.
"Engineers have a tendency to make things complicated, whereas Ken workshopped with us each of our key sales messages, so that anybody lacking an engineering background would understand what we are trying to communicate!

"Ken's energy level throughout the course was amazing. Not once throughout the eight hours of his workshop did I feel either bored or tied. He kept on involving each participant, making sure that we all walked away with a sound sales strategy we could implement immediately!”

JASON WHELAN  //  Sierratek, Principal Engineer

Workshop was structured in a concise way and easy to engage with...

"Ken and helped provide us with some ideas for improving our sales processes which I feel will be invaluable."The session were structured in a concise way and was easy to engage with. He constantly backed up each point by sharing real-life examples of how he had successfully implemented his selling approach to win new business."

MATTHEW KRIPP //  InZant CRM Software - Operations and Project Director

He cold called me, I was impressed with his approach

"Ken cold called me to offer his training in sales to help us open new markets.

"I was impressed with his selling approach and at his one-day sales training session it was not boring sales rhetoric, or textbook teaching.

"Everything was evidence-based, so strengthen the presentation.

As expected, he tactfully challenged us  so we could take our sales to the next level."

GAIL COTTRILL  //  Managing Director - Open Shutters Australia

Ken hasn't disappointed, and we now have a new sales plan...

“When Ken cold called me out of the blue, his timing couldn't have been better. We knew there was a better way to convert sales but didn't know what to do.

"Ken hasn't disappointed and we now have a plan on how to take the next steps and grow our sales. 

"This course is well structured. Ken shares from years of selling to both small and large businesses. He made sure that throughout the day that his examples related to our business. He knows what he is talking about having helped hundred of business owners across many industry sectors.

"I'm really excited about putting the sales plan that Ken teaches into practice. I look forward to getting the same results he has achieved with his other clients who have implemented his sales training practices and strategies. "

MICHAEL COOK  //  Spoke Building and Interiors, Managing Director

I am happy to recommend this workshop, it was fun...

“Ken’s presentation was very enlightening and fun,” says Tom Woods.

“The way in which he teaches his sales techniques is a completely different approach to the conventional.

“I will certainly investigate how we can introduce these techniques into our company.

“I recommend this workshop to any company wishing to promote sales in a positive way!”


Ken has a wealth of sales experience he happily imparts...

“It was clear that Ken has numerous years of experience in sales and has a wealth of experience he happily imparts.

"He rightly brings the customer to the heart of all learning, and ensures everyone leaves The workshop knowing how to speak to your customers and get the right messages to them in their language.

"Ken is a firm believer in the use of testimonials and I can assure you, you will be a believer too by the end of the session. His presentation style is excellent and makes sure That he tailors his material To each of the workshop participants. I have no hesitation recommending Ken's sales workshop. "

KATHLEEN GRANT  //  Kleinfelder, Marketing Officer

Your workshop was excellent, a real eye-opener...

“Your workshop was excellent, a real eye-opener as you shared with us sales approaches that can be used in any industry.

"I walked away from your workshop with a whole series of new sale strategies and marketing ideas that I am excited to implement.

"I appreciate the fact that you tailored the material to our business and from all reports my sales team really enjoyed the workshop."

RUSSELL FIRTH  //  Rapid Spray, General manager

It's been quite refreshing sitting in your workshop...

“Ken, It has been quite refreshing sitting in your workshop. I have been in sales forover 15 years and appreciate many of the principles and concepts you presented.

"However sitting through your presentation added a better understanding. I leave your presentation with new excitement to my approach to sales. Your content makes so much sense. Thank you!"

"Since your workshop, I have even recommended you to a company that were looking for a sales trainer - you offer real value!"

MATTHEW SUNOL  //  Rapid Spray, Business Development Manager

I'd recommend his workshop for a fresh look at sales...

“As a salesperson at an agricultural company, I found tens presentation beneficial as to how I can apply different types of marketing/selling to my everyday role.

"I also studied very interesting how to incorporate case studies and testimonials into my sales pitch to potential customers – which I believe will benefit in selling our various products covering multiple markets.

"I would recommend his presentation for a fresh look into how you can achieve sales easily with new tips, and a whole new outlook on reaching potential customers.

"After this one day session, I have multiple ideas to bring back to the office and put into practice.
"Ken showed me how to approach sales in a better way - It was definitely an excellent workshop!"

RANAE BERRIDGE  //  Rapid Spray, Sales Team Leader

Ken has presented excellent sale strategies...

“New to sales, I was looking at the fundamental skills.

"Ken has provided excellent sales strategies in a fun and informative way. There is definitely value and attending this workshop. 

"I now feel confident to approaching key stakeholders"
REWA B  //  King Street Computers, Salesperson

The workshop was practical and has given us proven formulas to improve our sales...

“The workshop was practical and gives us key points to improve our sales.

"Ken showed us his formula had a cold calls, respond objections and most importantly we need to focus on our customer wants and needs and not on what we do or who we are.

"I am pleased we came, it has been worthwhile. Thanks Ken for the workshop, very informative and delivered with great energy and enthusiasm."

STEVEN PARISH  //  BusinessCraft, Director

Ken has given me some deeper insights into selling...

“Ken has given me some deeper insights into the power of positive and focused sales techniques.

"The workshop has been excellent. He has kept my attention throughout the workshop and shown me a better way to sell. Ken is very knowledgeable about selling. I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and look forward to implementing his sales techniques.

"He has left me feeling enthused and re-energised as I continue to grow