The key ingredients
to attracting buyers
at your trade show

Trade Show Sales and Marketing 101

If you’re fed-up wasting time at trade shows with tyre-kickers then we would like to help you with a set of strategies that will empower you to connect with trade show attendees who are willing to buy now.

But before we share with you our proven approach, have you ever asked yourself why buyers make the effort to attend trade shows?

Why are they willing to battle the peak hour traffic and pay for expensive parking, only to line up with everyone else to spend hours walking past countless stands, while carrying shows bags full of brochures they will most likely never read?

Meet Bill, a hard working CEO of a major club. Last week Bill attended his club’s Board meeting where he was instructed to slash operating costs. The Board were very concerned about the situation and asked Bill to report back to them with a program that would save money. How he achieved these cost savings was up to him, but he needed to take action.

Bill spoke with his team about this issue and wasn’t satisfied with the suggestions made. So he decided to attend the next Gaming trade show hoping that he would find an answer to the Board’s request to cut costs.

Was Bill looking to buy the latest new product? Was he hoping to learn about new advances in the Gaming industry?

No. Bill was on a mission to slash costs. He was determined to seek out someone who could fulfil the Board’s requirements. If he found a solution that met the brief, he was ready to buy now as he had to take immediate action.

Did Bill find what he was looking for?

Meet Frank, XYZ Heating System’s leading salesperson. Like many other trade show exhibitors, his boss had told him that he wanted everybody to know about their latest heating products. Plus, his boss felt it was a great opportunity to grow their brand awareness in the market.

Bill still on his mission to find his cost cutting solution, goes to Frank’s stand. Bill is subjected to Frank’s well rehearsed pitch. Frank impressed how his company had won many industry awards, and how their heaters were the best in the business.

But unfortunately Bill left Frank’s stand disappointed. He wasn’t looking to buy heaters. Frank was so focused on his product and his brand that he failed to address the one reason why people like Bill attend trade shows. They are looking for a better way to run their business. They are not looking to buy the latest product or service, which is why my program exists.

I will give you the tools and process necessary to show people like Bill, that you have the answer to their problem.

How do you show buyers
that your firm has the answer?

To understand buyers like Bill, you need to understand yourself. Look at your own motivation for reading this document. You are not reading this because you are interested in me or my thoughts.

You’re just like Bill. You are hoping that I will have an approach which will help solve your problem - in your case, finding new prospects that will lead to new sales.

You are reading this  with the hope that we can help you to reach out to people like Bill, and get them interested enough to seek you out.

We are all on the same journey, looking for answers. Showing people like Bill, that you have helped other club Managers cut costs, through buying your products and services, will gain you far greater interest than if you share about your latest greatest technology.

You may be thinking, my brochure states that our product saves people money. Why can’t I just give Bill my product brochure?

Brochures focus on products - technical specifications. You are not selling products, you are selling a solution to Bill’s problem. He is buying cost savings, not heating units, not another product.

Bill does not want to read another product brochure. He wants to read how other club Managers have found the answer, through you. 

How do we start showing buyers that you are the answer?

We have a simple cost-effective program where we work together with you and your team to prepare you to make the most of your next trade show. There are three phases to our Sales and Marketing Trade Show Strategy. To find out how this program could work for you we have produced a straightforward guide that takes the pain out of preparing for the trade but more importantly gives you the tools to connect with trade show buyers.

The key ingredients to attracting buyers at
your trade show ...

A set of strategies to give yourself the best chance of making sales from your next trade show.

In this free booklet we explain a strategy you can use to ensure your trade show investment gives you a good return. Plus, we reveal what steps you need to take to give yourself an edge over your competitors at the show.