slashing Your sales Cycle

How our client slashed their sales cycle by 18 months and generated thirty-two $40,000 new contracts

How do you get the CEO to respond positively to your sales pitch? How is it possible to get your message to the decision makers, which is probably inundated with marketing material from suppliers, like you, wanting to win work?

Like most companies supplying the club sector you’ve no doubt invested heavily in expensive colour brochures, but you’re still not generating the sales leads you need, getting the results you want.

SkyCool, a Sydney insulation manufacturer, was faced with that dilemma when it decided to pursue further roofing work with major clubs in NSW.

Skycool - CEO
Rex Lehmann

Prior to working with Ken's team, the firm had placed full-page advertisements in trade publications, however like many other companies their advertisements did not always work.

They had depended on a small sales team, plus some basic advertising; and out of this they had secured several contracts which had provided enormous cost savings to their clients.

But, now they needed to get their success story out to other clubs in the hope of securing further contracts and the old marketing methods were not working.

It was now time to take a new direction when it came to marketing SkyCool’s products.

They decided they needed an entirely different approach and researched the possibility of using a new approach. As a result, they contacted us and they were soon on a completely new tack, using the power of our specialist documents to get their message out to their target market.

How did we help them achieve their sales goals?

Firstly, we designed a specialist document which was aimed squarely at their target audience.

What was the result?

SkyCool mailed out a total of 500 copies and within a month CEOs from six major clubs responded requesting a quote. As a result SkyCool won new contracts worth a total of $300,000.

"We were absolutely amazed at the result. Normally it would have taken 18 months to get through to one CEO. Your system got us in front of six CEOs and won us work which in the past would have taken a year or so of countless meetings to win," said Skycool, Managing Director, Rex Lehmann.

SkyCool was so delighted with the result, they asked us to produce a second set of specialist documents and as a result the firm won six more clients who signed contracts totalling nearly $250,000.

How does this apply to your company?

Your prospective clients are no different to the clubs who purchased from SkyCool.

Like them, they want to know they can trust you to deliver the goods at the right price, on time. They want to be sure if they buy goods or services from you that you will honour your commitments and will continue to do so.

It is one thing for your brochures to proudly list all the benefits your firm offers, but what clubs really want to read is that your brand is the best – and the reasons why. They want to see examples, case studies, where people like themselves have successfully bought from your firm and been more than satisfied with the result.

We can design a specialist document that will do this for your firm. Our team  can write, edit and layout a document within a few days that will ensure you succeed in getting this message across to prospective clients.

In consultation with you and your team, we can highlight those aspects of your business that will win you not just new business but raise your profile in the industry sector you are targeting.

Has the system continued to work?

Since its inception, our approach has helped our client Skycool produce thirty-two sales worth $40,000 each from sendng out 12 of our documents.

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