How To Use Our Approach

These video training lessons are designed to help you make better use of our persuasive marketing systems

How to embed your ISSUU version of our newsletters on your website. 

When we produce a newsletter program for you we provide you a print version in the form of a PDF which we uploaded to a platform called ISSUU. This online magazine platform enables you to share your newsletter on your website and throughout social media channels.

In this training we show you how to embed your newsletter on the following platforms:

  • WordPress Guttenberg website platform
  • Squarespace website platform
  • Thrive Themes website platform

Next Steps to Winning New Business

Start with an Online Business Development Session ...

We will not take on a new client unless we sincerely believe we can help that new client be successful. Which is why we offer this FREE Strategy Session - by the time we go through this simple session we will both know whether we are good fit to help you grow your business.

You will get to know Ken Robinson and by the time the session is completed you will have a clear understanding as to how Ken's team will be able to help your business. The session is FREE with no obligation.