How Our Approach Works

Why most people fail to win new business

As you read this, there is a Senior Executive who would love to do business with you right now as your company holds the key to their success thanks to your latest product or service.

The problem for both of you - is that he does not know that you hold the solution to their problem. Worse still, you have no way of reaching out and offering the solution they want. 

In a world where we can send millions of emails at the flick of a button, we still have to deal with layers of gatekeepers determined to stop us from getting through to decision makers who have the authority to buy.

The standard approach to reaching decision makers:

There has to be a better way to reach these decision makers?

  • To break through these barriers we launch email campaigns, only to find that our emails only get as far as a secretary who views your email as spam and deletes it.
  • Determined to win this new business, when the marketing campaign has not provided the leads to fill our pipeline, we pick up the phone and hope through a series of cold calls to reach a buyer. If you are like many of my clients, you may have made over 200 cold calls to get one appointment.
  • Finally, having got an appointment, we are told that there are several layers of people above our contact that they have to meet with to get approval to go ahead. Didn't the same person tell us over the phone that they had the authority to buy?

How we help you win new business

There are many approaches you can use to convince someone to say "YES". When it comes to selling a group of people on making a decision in your favour, nothing beats the powerful approach used by a barrister in a courtroom.

Barristers in a way are like sales people. The difference being that they get a short time frame in court to sell the Judge or jury. Which is why their message to the court is so well developed, nothing is left to chance. A good barrister knows that a case can be lost in an instant and every point that has to be made is normally reinforced by the evidence of a witness.

A top-flight barrister is extremely eloquent, they have an extremely agile mind and an ability to argue a case which most sales people will never possess. But they don't argue the case using their own words. The key to their success in winning a case comes down to the testimony of their witnesses. 

In the selling profession we have witnesses, they are our clients and the testimony (we call them testimonials) they give can make all the difference when it comes to winning you new business. 

What is more believable? A sales proposal that lists the features of your proposal or a Managing Director who is happy to state in writing that over the last three quarters they have increased their turnover by thousands of dollars using your services.

Testimonials convince prospects to buy

What your customers say about you is always far more convincing! Look at the way this web page is laid out. Right at the top, we have presented three of our clients who have testified on this page that they have gained value using our services.

If you still don't believe in the positive impact of testimonials, I suggest you watch this video. Peter Deall, Managing Director of Merlot Constructions, shares his thoughts on our founder Ken Robinson, having just attended a workshop hosted by Ken. 

The comments made by Peter in this video have helped Ken repeatedly win new business - because clients don't get passionate about suppliers unless they have experienced success like Peter has. 

Always remember, buyers don't like to be the first cab off the rank, to be the guinea pig who buys from an untested supplier, which is why Peter's comments give you the proof that using Ken and his approach is a worthwhile investment. Not because Ken says it is a good idea, but because clients like Peter have made money out of investing in his approach to winning new business!

Our Proven Three-step Selling System

Based on 28 years of experience selling business-to-business, our system has been put to the test and has proven to work for companies of all sizes.

  • 1
    We use the testimony of your customers to convince decision makers. Nothing is more reassuring or believable in a prospects eyes than to know that other people, just like your prospect, have had success working with you. The problem with most businesses is that they don't know how to collect testimonials that have the power to convince decision makers to buy. Which is why our team of highly trained journalists will interview your clients to find out why they would recommend you over your competition.
  • 2
    We create a powerful case for using your firm. Based on the testimonial material collected by our team, we develop a set of documents that once presented to a single decision maker or a company board argues the case for doing business with you. Remember, people don't buy products or services - they buy outcomes. You can share your company's vision statement, history and how great your team is - but nothing convinces a buyer like results!
  • 3
    We have a proven approach that gets your proposal in front decision makers. Most businesses only get the opportunity to pitch to middle managers who have no authority to buy. They then hope that this middle manager can convince the powers up the top. We believe your proposal needs to reach every decision maker to have the best chance of winning you new business. What's more we have a proven system for getting your message on the desks of every decision maker - whether it be a board member, CEO, Managing Director, CFO, CIO etc.

Next Steps to Winning New Business

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