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How we helped a client enter a new market in Australia and New Zealand

The Aged Care Industry, one of Australia and New Zealand's fastest growing sectors, has been a source of growth for many companies selling software. 

In this report, we reveal how it is possible to sell software while entering a new market, where you are up against multiple competitors.

Attache Software, known for its highly successful payroll software systems, decided to target the Aged Care sector.

Having spent considerable sums of money on creating Payroll management systems suitable for Aged Care providers, Attache Sofware was looking for a new way to influence senior decision-makers that their software should be at the top of their buying list.

Like most software companies they had produced the standard corporate market approach but were looking for something more. They were looking for a point of difference.

How did Attache Software reach out to these decision-makers?

"As you know the software market is crowded with competitors trying to get an edge over each other, so when you approached me it was good timing as I was looking for a better way to communicate with new prospects, and our current customers, as to why they should use our software," said Attache Software, Managing Director, Mike Rich.

"I am glad to report that your documents have got through to the people we like to do business with. At this stage we have received 20 new sales leads from CEOs of the organisations we sent your documents to."

Why did this approach work?

The standard methodologies suggest that you produce a corporate brochure, but most senior decision-makers are not interested in receiving brochures full of technical detail.

Instead they want to know that if they implement this new technology it will provide the financial returns necessary to justify the investment.

From the outset, when speaking to clients of Attache Software's new Payroll systems it became evident that the results their current clients were getting would attract similar organisations.

Utilising our specialist document approach we are able to get the message through to key decision makers at CEO level.

This enabled Attache Software to enter a market offering a key point of difference to their competitors.

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