Video interviews that win new business and position you as an industry experty

Graeme Rogers runs a small human resources practice helping businesses find senior managers, CEOs and board members. Graeme has a phenomenal track record of success in his field but has no experience promoting his business on video. As making a promotional video was new to Graeme, I took an editorial interview approach, in the interview we did I positioned Graeme as an industry expert.

Positive outcomes from this interview:

  • The video was posted on LinkedIn ( no paid advertising ), within 24 hours, 70 people viewed the video. 

    One of those people, a Melbourne based Managing Director phoned Graeme, and since that call, Graeme has been appointed to an ongoing HR contract.

Below is the interview I did with Graeme that helped him win a major contract after 70 people watched it on LinkedIn:

Video Interview and Newsletter shares why customers think you are the best in the business

In the above interview, Greenbank RSL, General Manager Tim Wright, reveals that after using CMBM Cleaning Maintenance for 14 years, they decided to go with a cheaper cleaning company. Tim shares that they realised their mistake going with a cheaper firm and, within several months, have reappointed CMBM. The video interview will be placed on CMBM's website, Linked In and Facebook.

Positive outcomes from this interview:

  • Tim Wright is one of the most respected Club Managers in Queensland, and the fact that he was willing to be interviewed as a thank you to a supplier he values has impressed other club managers considering CMBM.
  • When selling cleaning services, price is always a sticking point as everyone wants the best service and doesn't want to pay the price. This interview proves that going with a cheaper operator can be a big mistake. This video interviews completely dismisses price objections my client has to deal with when selling their cleaning services.
  • Tim also shares that CMBM is one of the few suppliers they have who constantly help them find cost savings. Another reason for retaining their services for 14+ years.

This video interview was the basis for the following newsletter which is being mailed out to club managers:

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