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How Ken helped his clients reach key decision makers

Below are a number of Ken's clients who have each gained new business using his aproach. The comments they make about our service, shows that Ken's team is well placed to help you overcome the challenge of getting your message in front of the real decision makers.

Manufacturing firm slashes their sales cycle by 12 months

Rex Lehmann

Managing Director

Skycool Insulation

Your program saved our sales team one year of selling time by producing six sales worth over $300,000 in little under a month!"

"Normally, to get such a response would have involved multiple presentations to various managers in an organisation, hoping they had the ability to sell our concept to the real decision makers we never get the chance to meet."

"Twelve of your documents have generated 32 X $40,000 contracts without one sales person making a call." 

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Construction company wins over directors and boards

Peter Deall

Managing Director

The day following the Board meeting the CEO advised his boardroom had been "a flurry about your document." Every director had read your document and every director was discussing it. Your work played a great role in us winning a multi-million dollar contract."

"I must admit to having had reservations about the effectiveness or otherwise of your approach, particularly as the organisation had been romanced by more than 25 Sydney commercial builders during an exceedingly long lead-up planning period." 

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A software company wins new business in Aged Care sector

Mike Rich

Managing Director

I am glad to say that your document got through to the people we would like to do business with.

"At this stage we have received 20 new sales leads from one of your documents. These leads are senior people who have the power to say "YES"."

"At the same time we have been able to differentiate ourselves from other software companies targeting the growing Aged Care market." 

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