The Australasian Gaming Expo Webinar

How to make sales at the Australasian Gaming Expo!

As an exhibitor at the Australasian Gaming Expo - how do you plan to make sales at this event?
What are you going to do differently this year, that will have a dramatic impact on the new business you attract at the Expo? To learn what other exhibitors are doing - please register below for our webinar...

​​​​​​​Ken Robinson - Your Presenter

Hello, I am working with several exhibitors at the Australasian Gaming Expo and thought the key ideas I share in my webinar could help you. My clients attending this annual gaming expo are adopting my approach to attracting new business because I was able to help a Gaming company launch a new game and secure sales with several key clubs within a fortnight. Another client, a construction company, I helped them win a multi-million dollar building contract with a major club.

But what did we do differently that enabled my clients to beat multiple competitors?
Well in under 20 minutes I am going to reveal a simple step-by-step sales and marketing plan you can implement at the Australasian Gaming Expo. So take a moment to register and get ready to learn a whole new approach to growing your business.

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