Ken Robinson reveals how Skope Constructions saved an Aged Care firm $100,000

Watch this video to discover how Ken uses client interviews to highlight the benefits of working with Skope Constructions. Plus, Ken interviews Skope Constructions founder, John Carolan, who outlines the keys to a successful building project. This video informs and reassures potential customers why Skope Constructions is an excellent choice.

Customer Testimonials from clients who have worked with Ken Robinson:

Best Selling Author - Marion Owen

Marion has written a newspaper gardening column for 26 years and is a New York Times Best Selling author. Marion has hired Ken as a business coach. Since then, Ken has built her a new website and helped her develop a range of new products and services. 

To promote one of Marion's courses, Ken interviewed her online from her home in Kodiak Island, Alaska. The interview below has been run as a sponsored post on Facebook and has helped her sell her courses:

Best Use Real Estate Director - Brad Walker

For the last eight years, Ken has been interviewing Brad's clients and has regularly produced their four-page newsletter, which is their only form of lead generation.

Brad consistently receives 10 to 18 qualified leads from his newsletters. The last issue led to three properties that Brad sold for top prices.

In the video below, Brad shares his thoughts about Ken's approach to newsletters:

Ken recently built new websites for both of these clients:

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