Why do Cabmaster customers  recommend their software?

Finally a publication that reveals why Kitchen manufacturers have found success investing in the Cabmaster suite of software. 

Cabmaster software may be simple to use and easy to learn, but more importantly it's helped the businesses featured in this magazine: 

  • Double their turnover
  • Boost the production of kitchens and other joinery products fourfold
  • Cut the time it takes to produce a kitchen from one day to a few hours
  • Produce three extra kitchens for the same cost

How can you use this magazine to reach out to potential clients? 

Adds selling power to your homepage

As this magazine can be embedded on your homepage. immediately prospects can read how other customers have found success using Cabmaster.

Reach your market with Social Media

Each issue can be posted on LinkedIn, FaceBook etc, as a sponsored post. This enables you to reach every person in the kitchen industry using the wide reach of social media.

The publication makes a great sales tool

When people make an inquiry to your office about your software, your receptionist can email them a link to this publication while they wait to hear back from a salesperson.

Magazine adds evidence to your proposal

We provide you with a both a print and online version. This magazine makes for an impressive printed publication to be handed out at the time of your sales presentation, trade show event or your can followup your meeting by sending them a link to the online version.


Your latest success is profiled each month


Your very own content marketing program


Each month the market is reminded of your success

To produce your magazine is simple...

  • You fill in our basic questionnaire and provide us photos
  • For your first issue we produce four major stories
  • Then every month we produce a new story to update the publication

Your case studies can be used to boost the selling power of your proposals

Word of Mouth is the best advertising - an ultra-effective form that you can add to your web site to bring home the sales. No matter how glib, polished and convincing your sales message, nothing beats the sales generation power of testimonials from your clients, particularly if they are professionally written in an engaging manner to be both informative and entertaining.

Your prospects want more than a letter from Bill & Joan saying “Bruce’s nice, his products are good and we always buy from him”. That won’t cut anybody’s mustard. Prospects want to know how you helped other people like them achieve outstanding results using your products or services.

It is far more effective to have one of your clients share how they cut their operating costs by 50%. That’s a fact, not some fictious claim made up by a sales rep desperate for a sale.

Persuasive Marketing has in 21 years developed a highly specialised approach to Case Studies that shows your prospects how people like themselves have benefited using your products or services.

Our journalists interview your clients to extract the most convincing testimonials, setting these quotes into the context of the miracles you performed, showing the way you, your staff and/or your products excelled.

Each highly credible, easy to read and absorbing testimonial is presented as a one-page snapshot complete with photos and graphic elements in keeping with your corporate theme.

Each is provided as a manageable PDF file to upload to your web site. Each file comes complete with embedded Optical Character Recognition code that can be found and filed by web bots ensuring you have a better chance of being found on the web.

A selection of these PDF documents that are constantly archived and updated will not only add undreamed of credibility to your sales messages, but over time they will have the added bonus of heightening your site’s web presence.
The PDF format is also ideal to add on a regular basis to any or all of your complementary social pages such as Facebook.

Each of these case studies are a two page, double-sided, A4 document which can also be used by your sales people and added to the collateral you leave after a presentation.

We know this editorial works as we have interviewed Cabmaster clients in the past for a newsletter series...

We have been producing printed newsletters for companies like yours over the past 21 years. Many of our clients swear by these publications. We have clients who have produced our printed publication on a monthly basis for over the past 10 years. We have no plan to stop our print edition as long-term clients know that it works.

Recently, we started getting requests to produce content that could be used as blog posts and updates on their websites. So we have taken what makes our print publication effective and created an online edition. 

We wanted to give our clients an even more powerful approach to the standard social media most companys produce. Often businesses embrace social media only to find that it is a hungry beast requiring quality content on a regular basis. As they are not journalists they finish up promoting events that interest them, not their customers. For example, customers would rather read how you helped a company like theirs double its turnover than learning about your latest industry award.

Social media is more than selling, it is about building relationships and trust with your audience. Which is why you need really good content to stand out from the other agents promoting themselves on the same social media platforms.

Not many firms have the time or journalistic know-how to produce the type of content that is respected on the web.

Whereas we have 11 journalists, five graphic designers, who collectively have had over 18 years experience promoting companies like yours on a monthly basis throughout Australia and New Zealand. Based on our knowledge of what works, this new online magazine Is now available for you to promote your office.

To find out how you have your own online magazine, please contact Ken Robinson today on 0408 028 825  or e-mail: ken@persuasivemarketing.com.au

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